NorSur Consulting is a group of professional investigators drawn from the ranks of the premier Law Enforcement/military agencies of the USA. NorSurs’ team of pros are experts in investigations of all types. Criminal as well as civil cases spanning international borders Nor Sur’s team has the experience and wherewithal to bring our clients’ cases to successful conclusions. NorSur Consulting has also provided training and consulting services to the Wachovia Bank in Colombia and several other large financial institutions on understanding and compliance with the Patriot Act. We provide identity verification and criminal and civil background checks on clients for the defense attorneys, banks, money exchange houses, and private clients.

NorSur has been counted on by its clients to provide them with expert guidance as they make their forays into the Colombian market, NorSur’s extensive contacts in the Colombian business community as well as our familiarity with the regulatory environment makes us a “one stop shop” for companies looking to make an investment in the country.

NorSur clients have included companies from a broad range of industries from IT/Communications to Aerospace suppliers. We welcome the chance to meet and discuss how NorSur can use its expertise to ensure your success.


Unregulated by business or government bureaucracy this way we owe commitment to our clients. We can give our clients a clear, impartial, professional opinion on what is needed, and what options can best be utilized to meet that client’s overall requirements. Taking from the vast experience of veteran professionals in a wide variety of security regulations, we are able to provide a quick service to our clients, with the necessary skills to handle risky requests on an international basis.


NorSur Consulting provides a spectrum of services including but not limited to criminal and civil investigations, project management, logistics critical support for law enforcement, military and NGO’s, aviation services both for commercial and military, army and police supplies as well as computer forensics and E-Discovery services. In addition, we specialize in providing mission critical solutions to companies as they enter the unknown business climate of Colombia, making use of our extensive contacts in government and the business community to assist to ensure a smooth entry into the market. NorSur Consulting along with its contacts is versatile enough to assist any individual or corporation with many services in a timely, professional manner.

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