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Norsur Consulting has brought together a leadership team that has a diverse yet applicable background. They provide the knowledge base to allow for effective consulting operations and expansion to support the growth needs of our clients. They also bring a wide range of business and governmental contacts critical for supporting operations and remain in tune with the changes in the dynamic environment.

Leo Arreguin

Leo Arreguin, Jr. is a recently retired executive from the Drug Enforcement Administration with over 30 years of investigative management experience. He was assigned to Bogotá, Colombia where he oversaw the operations of the Andean Region of South America.

His experience has received recognition from many U.S. and foreign government officials with the most recent a letter of meritorious service from President George W. Bush. His wealth of experience and contacts in Latin America was the foundation for creating Norsur Consulting.

Manuel Aponte-Davila

Manuel “Cuky” Aponte-Davila, is a retired FBI agent with over 33 year’s of Law enforcement experience. Mr. Aponte-Davila served as the FBI’s Legal Attaché in the United States embassy in Bogotá, Colombia, for approximately 5 years with responsibilities with other Andean countries. Mr. Aponte-Davila brings a vast experience in criminal, civil and security matters. Mr. Aponte-Davila has knowledge as a Polygraph examiner, a Hostage / Crisis Negotiator, a Hazardous Device Technician, and in Police training. Mr. Aponte-Davila also posses a JD degree and MA degree in Criminal Justice.

James Shaw

James Shaw is an experienced Law Enforcement manager as well as international businessman. He is the former Commanding Officer of the NYPD’s Bronx Homicide Nightwatch and NYPD’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Squad. After 22 years Mr. Shaw retired from the NYPD yet continued his work for the US government conducting investigations as a contractor for the US Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agency as well as the National Security Agency, US General Accounting Office and The Department of Homeland Security BCP (formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service).

In addition to his government related work Mr. Shaw has been the President of his own Private Investigation agency in New York and a security consultancy specializing in introducing state of the art biometric devices to the Latin American market.

Samuel E. Arce

Samuel E. Arce has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Monmouth College University. Mr. Arce has more than fifteen (15) years of experience as Director of Technology for financial institutions in the United States. He is frequently assigned to the American Embassy in Bogota, Colombia where he is in charge of developing security softwares for electronic communication securities and is a pioneer in the investigation of information technology and web crimes.

Anna Vendrell

Is an experienced consultant for detention equiment and services, inmate penitentiary rehabilitation programs, and prison integrated security plans. Ms Vendrell has more than sixteen (16) years conducting works in a cost-effective manner, customizing projects according to Government or private sector plans providing recommendations for balancing short-term priorities with long-term goals. 

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