NorSur is uniquely qualified to handle the forensic recovery of almost any computer platform in existence. We can handle cases on-site, in our own offices, or in the most remote places imaginable and produce rock hard evidence that is court ready. We have the experience you need – when you have only one chance to get it right.

We utilize the most up-to-date software and hardware available in our data recovery and forensic examinations. Our examiners are highly trained and experienced in various aspects of computer forensics, including: secure data acquisition, digital evidence recovery, data analysis, preservation of evidence and chain of custody issues.

Our computer forensics services may be used for a wide variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Employee Internet Abuse

  • Theft of Trade Secrets or Intellectual Property

  • Identity Theft Investigations

  • Network or System Intrusion Detection

  • Internet Fraud Investigations

  • Other Computer Related Crimes

We also offer data recovery services for lost, damaged and deleted files, images and documents as well as secure drive-wiping services to ensure your private data cannot be recovered if you sell or recycle your computer.


No matter the nature of the case, NorSur Consulting’s deep roster of investigators and subject matter experts drawn from the premier law enforcement agencies of the USA, can handle it. Indeed the founder of NorSur has over 36 years as a Special Agent in charge of investigations of immense complexity spanning international borders. NorSur has the capacity and wherewithal to get the results you need.


NorSur takes the same expertise and capacity to bear on civil cases and adjusts our approach to adapt to the nuances that distinguish civil case law from that of criminal law. Plaintiffs and defendants alike have come to depend on NorSur’s professional services.


We provide parts and repairs for business entities as well as government and military organizations which are in need of this service. We count on a large database of aviation replacement parts for both commercial and military needs. We also count on repair services provided by certified and highly professional repair shops which are able to repair engines and everything else in a timely manner to reduce down time. In addition we are able to provide logistic services for any passenger or cargo needs which may be needed.


The world had become sometimes very hard these days concerning security of personnel. The gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots” has created much envy and disdain. Those with assets, even justly earned over a lifetime of hard work are targets of those less fortunate. In many areas, kidnappings and murders occur on a consistent manner. Needless, to say, it is the best interest of the client(s) to provide a safe environment for all of its personnel. Protecting your top executives and managers in these volatile times, just makes great business sense.

Norsur Consultants International can provide solutions to address these concerns, through a comprehensive risk assessment. We can also assist in procuring subcontract security personnel for your short or long term needs. Norsur Consulting has vast experience in this field, specifically in the country of Colombia.


NorSur currently provides supplies to the military and police forces for Colombia. Our state of the art equipment is carefully selected by our experts to provide Law Enforcement and Military personnel with the utmost in security and protection. It is NorSur’s ability to source the very best products available that ensures our clients are indeed equipped to maximize the safety and effectiveness of their personnel. From individual tactical gear to aircraft, NorSur delivers solutions our clients can count on.


A strong trend in recent years is to include video surveillance systems in mainstream security programs and systems. With the impressive product development, cameras have become a major aid in the apprehension and prosecution of criminals and providing the client with security within the work place. Norsur Consultants International can assist in obtaining IP cameras, video verification, system integrations systems, offsite video storage and more. Our professional consultants are well-versed in the latest technology. Equally important is having somebody on your side that can explain the technology to you, in a way that you can best comprehend it. All of the greatest gadgets in the world won’t do much good if you’re afraid to use it.

Norsur Consultanting International can mobilize an expert (or experts) quickly to assist the client with honest experienced professionals.

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